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The Way of Superior Man – David Deida

Both men and women have different points of view for most of the things in life. David Deida has explained it very well in his book – The way of superior man. This book is very helpful for the men to understand the points of view of women. Below I am writing the contents of the book and this will definitely help you to get the basic idea of the book. In the end of the article there is link to pdf of the book as well.

Part one: A MAN’S WAY
1. Stop Hoping for a Completion of Anything in Life
2. Live With an Open Heart Even If It Hurts
3. Live As If Your Father Were Dead
4. Know Your Real Edge and Don’t Fake It
5. Always Hold To Your Deepest Realization
6. Never Change Your Mind Just to Please a Woman
7. Your Purpose Must Come Before Your Relationship
8. Lean Just Beyond Your Edge
9. Do It for Love
10. Enjoy Your Friends’ Criticism
11. If You Don’t Know Your Purpose, Discover it, Now
12. Be Willing to Change Everything in Your Life
13. Don’t Use Your Family As an Excuse
14. Don’t Get Lost in Tasks and Duties
15. Stop Hoping for Your Woman to Get Easier

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Stop Hoping for a Completion of Anything in Life

Recently I have read a very thoughtful quote from the book ‘The Way of the Superior man’. This quote forced me to stop and ponder on it. Here is the quote:

Most men make the error of thinking that one day it will be done. They think, “If I can work enough, then one day I could rest.” Or, “One day my woman will understand something and then she will stop complaining.” Or, “I’m only doing this now so that one day I can do what I really want with my life.” The masculine error is to think that eventually things will be different in some fundamental way. They won’t. It never ends. As long as life continues, the creative challenge is to tussle, play, and make love with the present moment while giving your unique gift.

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Observing Our Behavior

If you notice yourself carefully then you will find that our behaviors have some patterns for some situations. Just try to recall few of happenings of your daily life, like when you feel happy, when you feel sad, which are the situations when you feel yourself hanging back or afraid, when you feel angered. Note down all of these situations and categorize them. Like write down all situations in which you feel happy in one section, in other section you write all situations in which you feel bad, in another section you can write down everything which makes you afraid or hang yourself back. Also write down the situations when you feel angered. You can narrow down your category list according to you.

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The Professional – Subroto Bagchi

The Professional – Defining the New Standard of Excellence at Work is a book written by Subroto Bagchi. As the title and the tag line describes, the book is all about good professionalism and professional standard. Very nicely it differentiates between being professional and professionally qualified. The book is divided into seven parts and many chapters. The main seven parts are (1) Integrity (2) Self Awareness (3) Professional Qualities (4) Managing Volume (5) Managing Complexity (6) New World Imperatives (7) The Professional’s Profession

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Playing it my way – Sachin Tendulkar

Playing it my way is the autobiography of all time great cricketer Sachin Tendulkar also known as The Little Master. The book comes after his retirement from the international cricket. It describes his commitment and love for the game. Right from his childhood Sachin wanted to be a cricketer and nothing else. The book tells about the challenges he had faced during starting phase of his career in cricket, as well as series by series summery of his career and pin points of the matches. He also has shared few emotional moments of his life.

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Support your dreams

The universal truth of this world is that every mankind has his dreams.  Some people has stronger dreams, some has weaker. Few people realize that they have dreams and few don’t. Actually our dreams represent the energy level inside us. Energy is the source of every happening. The person with greater energy level has stronger dreams and the person with lesser energy level has weaker dreams. We can say that energy inside us is directly proportional to the strength of our dreams. Every mankind has some energy, hence every mankind has dreams. That’s why I called it as universal truth “Every mankind has dreams“. Isn’t it sounds good to you?

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Balance your work and family

I am living at Chandigarh(India) for more than 8 years along with my family. Just imagine how boring and lifeless it would be if there is no family around you. I have a shy and reserved kind of nature, so I do not feel comfortable sharing my inner feelings with any outsider, not even with my colleagues, with whom I spend a big part of day. In such environment and lifestyle, I only have option to share with my family.

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Benefits of waking up early

Have you ever think that you should have thirty hours a day to accomplish your daily tasks? Have you ever think that you do not have any time for your family, friends or even for yourself? Have you ever felt that your next task is on you before you complete the previous one. If yes, probably this simple article can help you to solve your these problems.

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