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Adding new content and instructions for adding content in blog

In my last article, you read about robot.txt and sitemap.xml files and how you can add these into your blog or website. Now it’s very important to keep adding new content into your blog or website, otherwise search engine crawlers will start ignoring your blog or website. Because if they don’t find any new content there then they will start decreasing the priority of your blog or website and lower the frequency of crawling. So, it’s very important that you regularly add new and quality material. Also, this will keep the interest of your visitors alive and they keep visiting repeatedly. Here are few instructions which you keep in mind while adding content to your blog or website.

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How to add robot.txt and sitemap.xml file in my blog

In my last article you read about How to Use Google Analytics to Check My Blog Users and Visitors. That means you have already added Google Analytics script on your blog or website and you have started checking the user activities on your website. Now next comes how to instruct search engine robots and crawlers to index your website/blog page links. There may be few pages which you don’t want to show publicly. Search engine robots and crawlers keep coming on your website or blog after some interval of days and check if there are new pages or content to be indexed. They do so because they have to update their databases, so that they can show updated information when someone searches on internet. We do have robot.txt and sitemap.xml files which helps search engine robots and crawlers to navigate easily into your website or blog and get the stuff indexed.

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How to Use Google Analytics to Check My Blog Users and Visitors

In my last article, I have explained all about “Adding Google tracking script in website or blog“. As soon as you put the Google Tracking script on the pages of your website or blog, Google Analytic script start tracking every action of visitors coming on your website or blog. Remember, Google Analytic script will only track those pages on which you have placed the script. So, try adding the script on all pages which you want to monitor. you can avoid pages such as admin area or any other pages where you think user should not allowed to visit.

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Adding Google Tracking Script in My Blog

Its very important that you monitor your readers’ behavior on your blog. You need to have check what are the sources of your readers, from which region they belong to, how much time they are spending on your blog, what are the pages which visited most and which are the pages which are visited least. How much total traffic is there on your blog, what is the trend of people visiting your blog, what are their interests. There are many things which you need to track to run a blog. We can do this all with Google Analytics.

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How I can Maintain My Blog Myself

On of the challenging parts of having a blog is to maintain it. In my last articles you have read about setting up a new blog and hiring a technical team. So once you get your blog up on the internet, you need to start adding the contents in it. Getting a new content regularly is another challenging part. One have to be very regular, honest and creative for running a blog. I am sure there are many questions arising inside you, if you are thinking to have a successful blog then I am going to answer these questions for you.

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Hiring a Technical Team to Set My Blog on Server

In my last articles you have read how to purchase a domain name and hosting space and how to choose a content management system for your blog. Also, you have read what is a content management system and what are the major differences between WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. If you are a technical person and knows how to set up a CMS on server then you need not to worry about hiring a technical team for your blog, because you can do it yourself. But if you are not a technical person then you need to hire a technical team or freelancer for your help.

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Choosing a Content Management System for My Blog

In my last article you have read about how to purchase a domain name and hosting space for your blog. Also, I have explained the difference between Windows server and Linux server. So now it comes the turn to choose a content management system (CMS). First of all, lets discuss what is a content management system? In old days when internet was very new, we have to put HTML pages on the server and those pages were accessible on internet. If you have to update any content, then you needed to hire a developer who can modify your changes and then reload the changes on the server. It was the only way to update your content. But later on, concept of database comes in market and content could be managed dynamically. In modern times many content management systems (CMS) are available, these CMS provide you an interface, from where you can modify your blog/website contents according to your need. The best thing is that these CMS are easy to use, user friendly and you need not to hire any developer unless you need any structural change.

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Choosing a Suitable Domain Name For My New Blog

In this article I am going to describe, how to choose a suitable domain name for your blog, I am also going to discuss what are the key factors which you need to take care of before you book a domain. First of all, I am going to explain what is a domain name and why you need it? A domain name is the unique address of your website or blog, which user will be using to access your website or blog on internet. What you do if you need to access Facebook or Gmail? You simply type www.facebook.com or www.gmail.com in your browser and it will take you on that web page. So www.facebook.com or www.gmail.com are the unique addresses here which take you to desired web pages. So here the domain name are Facebook and Gmail i.e. the word between www. and .com.

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How to Purchase a Domain Name and Hosting Space

In my last article you have read how to select a domain name and what are the key points which you need to have in your mind before you select any domain for your brand new blog. So now you have the mind set to purchase a domain name and hosting space. There are many companies in the market which are offering hosting services. Most famous and reliable companies are:

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How To Start a New Blog

In today’s world many of us wants to start their own blog. There can be different purposes behind starting a blog. Many bloggers just want to show their presence in the world through their blog, many bloggers want to help others through their writing skills, Many have hobby of writing a blog, and many bloggers want to earn money through their blogs. There can be numerous reasons behind starting a blog. You might be reading this article because you have seed of starting your own blog in your mind. This is a good sign actually.

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