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Intercontinental Communication Misunderstandings

This is the world of information technologies, people are doing business all over the world, hence we need to communicate with the people belonging to different continents. Every country has its own customs, cultures, rules, regulation and standards of living. Similarly, there are some communication cultures, which sometimes create misunderstandings while people talking to each other’s overseas.   No matter they are using same language like English, but still the native language cultures get mixed with the language, people using for communication overseas. I have observed few of such misunderstandings while talking to people belonging to overseas, which I am going to share with you in this article.

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The Professional – Subroto Bagchi

The Professional – Defining the New Standard of Excellence at Work is a book written by Subroto Bagchi. As the title and the tag line describes, the book is all about good professionalism and professional standard. Very nicely it differentiates between being professional and professionally qualified. The book is divided into seven parts and many chapters. The main seven parts are –

(1) Integrity
(2) Self Awareness
(3) Professional Qualities
(4) Managing Volume
(5) Managing Complexity
(6) New World Imperatives
(7) The Professional’s Profession

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