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Surya – The Illiterate boy

Yesterday I was sitting late in my office waiting for some response from my client, It was around 11:30 PM and I saw a boy working in office sweeping the floors. I called him and offered chair to sit down. He gently accepted the offer. He was a smart and good looking person. I was curious to know about him, his life style, the problems and other things going on in his life. Initially I was doing so just for passing the time. But suddenly he said something and I could not believe what he said. He said that he never went to school, not a single day he has spent in school. I could not believe this, a young man of just 23 years old have never went to school!!! Is it still happening in India? Oh, My God!! is it true?

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How to Use Google Analytics to Check My Blog Users and Visitors

In my last article, I have explained all about “Adding Google tracking script in website or blog“. As soon as you put the Google Tracking script on the pages of your website or blog, Google Analytic script start tracking every action of visitors coming on your website or blog. Remember, Google Analytic script will only track those pages on which you have placed the script. So, try adding the script on all pages which you want to monitor. you can avoid pages such as admin area or any other pages where you think user should not allowed to visit.

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