In my last article, you read about robot.txt and sitemap.xml files and how you can add these into your blog or website. Now it’s very important to keep adding new content into your blog or website, otherwise search engine crawlers will start ignoring your blog or website. Because if they don’t find any new content there then they will start decreasing the priority of your blog or website and lower the frequency of crawling. So, it’s very important that you regularly add new and quality material. Also, this will keep the interest of your visitors alive and they keep visiting repeatedly. Here are few instructions which you keep in mind while adding content to your blog or website.

Add fresh content: You should add fresh and unique content to your blog i.e. do not copy and paste the content from anywhere. Content should be unique, because search engines like Google whose crawlers navigates each website of internet world, they know the content of every website, so they will not like your blog or website if you have copied content from some other website. Search engines likes the fresh content always. Also, your readers will like your website if they find unique content on your website.

Add quality content: Always add a quality content to your blog, so that your readers value it. Your readers count will keep adding if they find worth reading your articles. Also, avoid grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes.

Use headers and titles: Try adding HTML header tags and titles to your articles and sub articles. Search engines keep indexing the headers and titles. But do not repeat headers i.e. there should not be more than one HTML header tag of one type on your single page. Please note that there are six types of headers in HTML i.e. h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 and h6. You should not repeat any type of header type otherwise it will be considered as violation.

Use inner links in your content: It is considered as a good practice if you use inner links in your content i.e. links to navigate from one article to other article using anchor tags. Note that link should be made on an appropriate word or phrase which is representing the target article.

Here is a nice link for “good article writing tips“, you can go through it and learn more. 🙂 🙂 🙂