I am living at Chandigarh(India) for more than 8 years along with my family. Just imagine how boring and lifeless it would be if there is no family around you. I have a shy and reserved kind of nature, so I do not feel comfortable sharing my inner feelings with any outsider, not even with my colleagues, with whom I spend a big part of day. In such environment and lifestyle, I only have option to share with my family.

When I reach home back from office after a long-long day, I always get a warm welcome with dinner ready. All the stress of work, all the frustration of clients disappears suddenly with warm hugs and smiles of my wife and 3 years old daughter. Almost every evening after reaching home I do 2-3 minute dance with my daughter and daily she ask me that to whom I met with today while coming back. To make things more interesting for her I tell few of my imaginative meetings with few scary animals from jungle and pass their hello’s and hi’s to her. Then she tells few of happenings of the day from school and home. Naughty and childish complains of mom. This all makes my life alive and happy.

But in today’s life style and work culture of India, it has become very difficult to manage a balance between your work and your family. Sometimes we forgot that we are working to live, not living for work. All of us have 24 hours a day and within these hours we have to take care of work as well as our families. If you have lots of work to do and have stress then you will not be able to give time to your family. But at the same time work is also important because if you have no work then it will become very hard and miserable condition. So it becomes very important for us to maintain the balance between our work and family. Maintaining balance between work and family is an art. Learning this art is important but at the same time remembering this art is also important because with the work pressure and load of work we forgot the main objective of life.

Here are few tips which generally I practice to maintain the balance. Once a day watch few motivational videos from u-Tube. Scroll down your contact list in your phone and call your friends to whom you haven’t talked with for a while. Go out with your family once a week. Make reading your habit and spend some time daily to read good books. Play with your children. Talk to your parents. Help others, this will make you feel happy from your deep inside.

Although there is no hard and fast rule to make this balance, one can explore new ideas and habits for making your life beautiful. Most important thing is always keep smiling on your face. Help others to smile. Everyone likes smiling faces. Life is hard but we can make it easy with simple life styles. Wish you a very happy life.   🙂 🙂 🙂