Have you ever think that you should have thirty hours a day to accomplish your daily tasks? Have you ever think that you do not have any time for your family, friends or even for yourself? Have you ever felt that your next task is on you before you complete the previous one? If yes, probably this simple article can help you to solve these problems.

Our daily life became hectic if we do not start our day properly. Let’s suppose one day you leave the bed 15 mins late. First thing after waking up, mostly we do is to check the watch for time and your reaction will be OMG I am late. You rush to washroom start cleaning your teeth with the thought in your mind that I am going to be late, I have to reach office/college/school on time and attend some important meeting. Suddenly you are not focusing on the actual thing or task which you are doing right than, like you are not properly teeth brushing. And then you have to take breakfast and suddenly you find that you have nothing to eat that day because yesterday you didn’t get time to go grocery shop all because you were extremely busy yesterday as well. This all mount your frustration and busyness to more extent.

This all is nothing but happening due to bad life management and probable you have not started your day properly with enough time to think how you go today.

You can help yourself to solve such silly problem just by getting up early in the morning. This will make your life smoother and relaxed.

Here is the simple way to make a perfect day start. Always try to get up two hours early before sun rises. Just after leaving the bed while you doing your journey to the washroom tell yourself that this is gonna a beautiful day and today I have more than enough time to do anything. Give a smile to yourself. Wash your mouth, clean your eyes and teeth and then straight come to the balcony or some open place where we will spend 10-15 mins by taking deep breaths. Stretch your body, stretch your arms, stretch your legs, be thankful to God for this nice morning (optional – just for focusing your mind) and do more deep breathing from different nose holes alternatively. Boom – here you go, your body, your mind, your whole system is ready to take the next leap. You will feel full of energy, full of enthusiasm and more importantly you still have plenty of time to accomplish anything.

Next come back to your room, sit on your chair and for next 20 mins you just have to think and plan your day. make a list of all important tasks in your mind. Set the priority of tasks. Plan little bit how you will start and perform each task. So all set perfectly, now you know what you have to do, how you have to do, which task is important, which task you can avoid, a well set task map and plan you have. This all will help you to make your life smoother than ever.

Believe me, by getting up early, the responding power of your mind and body will be greater and you can address any task with efficiency. This will save your time and help you to work perfectly. You will find enough time for everything.

There are endless benefits of early waking up and all of these benefits are within the reach of every one of us. All you have to do is, just set your alarm clock to two hours ahead of sun rising and promise yourself to wake up early.
I promise you this will change your life dramatically and you will become the king of your life.   🙂 🙂 🙂