In my last articles you have read how to purchase a domain name and hosting space and how to choose a content management system for your blog. Also, you have read what is a content management system and what are the major differences between WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. If you are a technical person and knows how to set up a CMS on server then you need not to worry about hiring a technical team for your blog, because you can do it yourself. But if you are not a technical person then you need to hire a technical team or freelancer for your help.

You can search few local IT companies in your area.

  • Get price quotes from them.
  • Ask what features they will be providing you in the software they deliver.
  • Ask about the time they need to develop this software.
  • Ask for the similar projects they did in past and take some new ideas from recommended websites/blogs.
  • Search about the past history and reviews about the company.
  • Visit their website and check their repetition.
  • Target multiple companies and do same with all and then cross check them.

Generally, companies charge you a standard rate which is always higher. Other option you have, search a freelance and hire him for your job. You can easily a freelancer on or few other Make your account there and post your job. Provide a brief description of your requirements and publish it. You will get tons of requests from freelancers. Which is again little confusing but you need to fish out a suitable freelancer for your job. Follow these steps:

  1. Go through the profiles of the persons who are sending you request.
  2. Check their previous job done history and reputation on the or whichever you are using.
  3. Shortlist the persons which you find impressive and useful.
  4. Contact them and ask them to provide their previous examples which they have done similar to your website/blog.
  5. Refine the shortlisted candidates.
  6. Check how much each is charging you for the job.
  7. Next send them message again and invite them to talk to you or chat with you.
  8. Cross check their knowledge, their understanding about your project their confidence level and comfort level with your project.
  9. Ask for the time they need to the job done.
  10. You can negotiate with the charges.

In short you need to check the person or company you are going to hire, understands your project or not, how much they are charging and how much time they are taking for the job done. Cross check companies and persons to test their knowledge. If you go with freelancer, then most probably you need to hire two persons i.e. designer for preparing the design and look and feel and second as developer for doing coding and setting up the code on server. Although you can find few guys who can do designing and development both. On the other hand if you decided to go with a company then you do not need to worry about resources because they will have designers and developers in house. There will be managers and team leads who will contact and communicate with you. Good luck with your team building. 🙂 🙂 🙂