In my last article you have read how to select a domain name and what are the key points which you need to have in your mind before you select any domain for your brand new blog. So now you have the mind set to purchase a domain name and hosting space. There are many companies in the market which are offering hosting services. Most famous and reliable companies are:


You can go with any of above listed hosting service providers. However, there are many other companies available. Price of each company varies. So you can go with any company. First of all, you need to check whether the domain you want is actually available or not. On the home page of any of above companies there will be an input box where you can put your desired domain name check the availability. If the domain is available, then you go booking it. Make sure you choose proper extension for your domain i.e. .com, .net, .org or In my last article I have explained the difference between the various extensions.

After domain booking you also need to purchase the hosting space for your blog. Generally, while you are purchasing domain name the service provider company will also provide you option to choose a hosting plan for your domain. If you don’t have your own server already then you can go for hosting space booking from same company.

What is hosting space?

Hosting space is a part, where your blog code going to rest. All of your future blog related codes are going to stay inside that space. In very simple words it’s like your home. So domain name is like the address of your home which finds your house and your home is the space where you actually live. So you need to book this space for your blog. So domain name and hosting space are two different things and you need to pay for both. Both are equally important for setting up a blog or any website. Charges for both domain name and hosting space are yearly. There are two types of hosting space:

  1. Windows hosting
  2. Linux hosting

Difference between Windows hosting and Linux hosting:

In very simple words the Windows server has operating system installed as Windows and Linux server has operating system installed as Linux. On the Windows server you can deploy websites and blogs developed in any web technology but in Linux server you can deploy the websites and blogs which are not developed by using Microsoft technologies. The websites and blogs developed by Microsoft technologies like can be deployed on Windows servers only. So I recommend to go with Windows Server because they support all technologies. It is a myth in the market that Linux server are more secure comparing Windows server. This is not 100% percent true because Microsoft has improved a lot to make Windows Servers secure. Linux server are considered secure because everything in the Linux is command based. But still it is not guaranteed that Linux servers cannot be hacked.  So go with Microsoft windows server because this is easy to maintain and any kind of help is easily available on the internet for windows servers.

Make sure you have filled proper email address before you pay.  As soon as you do payment for your domain and hosting space they will book your domain and hosting space and your domain will get activated within 24 hours. Many service providers activate your domain and hosting space just after payment. You will get your invoice detail, FTP detail and cPanel detail on your email address.

Later on, even after you deployed your blog or website, if you feel that your current service provider is not supporting you then you can change the service company at any time, but for that you need to shift your blog code to new server. Obviously you need to purchase the hosting space from new service company. You need not to change your domain name because that is already yours. You need to shift your DNS pointing to new server.