In today’s world many of us wants to start their own blog. There can be different purposes behind starting a blog. Many bloggers just want to show their presence in the world through their blog, many bloggers want to help others through their writing skills, Many have hobby of writing a blog, and many bloggers want to earn money through their blogs. There can be numerous reasons behind starting a blog. You might be reading this article because you have seed of starting your own blog in your mind. This is a good sign actually.

So next comes how to start a new blog and from where to start. First of all you need to clear yourself that what is purpose or goal of your blog. Write down on a paper which type of content you want to have in your blog. Do little research on internet whether few other blogs or websites already exists with similar idea you have in your mind. I am sure there will be already. But don’t worry, take a look on those blogs and see what you like there. Also, ponder what are the better ideas you have in your mind which does not exists in those blogs or websites. After doing this you will have a broader vision of your new blog. Once your are satisfied with your market research and you are clear to go ahead with your new blog here comes the execution time. I am going listify all of the next steps which are necessary to start a blog and then in my next articles I am going to discuss these in detail.

  1. Choosing a suitable domain for my new blog
  2. Purchasing a new domain and hosting space
  3. Choosing content management system for my blog
  4. Hiring a technical team to set my blog on server
  5. How I can maintain my blog myself
  6. Adding Google tracking script in my blog
  7. How to use Google Analytics to check my blog users and visitors
  8. How to add robot.txt and sitemap.xml file in my blog
  9. Adding new content and instructions for adding content
  10. How can I advertise my blog

There are very detailed and easy to follow steps and I am sure you will find helpful. If still you have any query or concern in your mind regarding staring your own blog, write me email or call me and I will be happy to help. You can see my email id and phone numbers at the bottom of this page. Keep following my other articles for starting a new blog. Happy starting a new blog 🙂 🙂 🙂