Today I would like to share a true and inspiring story which will probably change the way you think and motivate you to move forward in your life. If you ever think that you have lost everything in your life, if you think that you do not have any energy left to fight the situations thrown by life on you, then read about Karoly Takacs. Karoly Takacs was a soldier in Hungarian army. He got a best shooting hand in his country. He was the national champion in shooting and probably there was no one in his time who could had beaten him. He was very confident that he would win the gold medal in coming Olympics in 1940. But there was something else destiny has planned for him.

In 1938 an accident happened with him, during an army practice camp a hand grenade blasted in his hand and he lost his right hand. OMG!!! it was his right hand he had lost, which he uses to do shooting, his capable hand was no more with him. He was hospitalized almost for one month. Now, how will he fulfill his dream of becoming world champion. What his life is left for if his capability is lost. He has left with two choices, either feel like looser and spend his rest of life just blaming his destiny for making him incapable. Or, stand-up against the situation and focus on the things which were left with him after the accident.

He looked at his left hand, which was not capable enough to do regular daily life things perfectly, he decided to train his left hand and make it a weapon to achieve his dreams. At that time, he was 28 years old. After relieving from hospital, he started his training. He worked hard and came back after one year in 1939. He went to a national shooting championship. Everybody was thinking that Karoly had come for watching the game. Shooters there were appreciating him to come here for watching the game. Everybody had pity for him. Karoly replied, “I do not come here for watching the game, rather I came here for competing you guys. Be ready for it.” Everybody surprised and no one was believing this. Unexpected to everybody, guess what? Karoly Takacs – the man with only hand, won the nation championship once again.

But his dream was to become an international champion, so he started focusing on the 1940 Olympic games but unfortunately, 1940 Olympic games canceled due to World War-II. He decided to wait till next Olympic games in 1944 and keep practicing till then. Once again, he had to wait more, 1944 Olympic games canceled due to World War-II. He decided to wait more till next Olympics games in 1948 and keep practicing. Finally, in 1948 the Olympic games begun. In 1948, he was 38 years old, many other young shooters had risen till then. But Karoly Takacs – the man with only hand, was focused on his goal, and guess what? he won the gold medal beating everyone else in 25 meter rapid fire pistol event. He reached at his dream. He did not stop here. He competed again in 1952 Olympic games and guess what? Karoly Takacs – the man with only hand, won the gold medal again in 25 meter rapid fire pistol event. He made a history and world record by winning two consecutive gold medals in 25 meter rapid fire pistol event. Before him no one could have achieved this destination.

Karoly Takacs had achieved his destiny only because of his will power. I think we already have Karoly Takacs inside us. Every problem of life, every grievance of life, every bad time of life will pass away if we just keep standing in-front of it. We do not need to fight with the situations thrown by life on us, we just need to stand there, focus what we have with us to tackle the situation, not thinking what we do not have or what we have lost. Love your goals and stay focused. 🙂 🙂 🙂