I strongly believe that there is only one life which we all get to live. There is nothing after this life. Whatever property you possess or whatever you will earn, that you can avail in this life only. There is no meaning of earning which you cannot spend in this life. Your unused earning is wasted thing for you. We always start our day like we have unlimited days left in our life. But who knows whichever is our last day. We always got twenty-four hours in our day but there are two days in our life which do not have complete twenty-four hours. These are our very first day and very last day of our life.

So, whatever good things you want to do for yourself in this life, you should start that today, who knows tomorrow you don’t have enough time for that. Maybe you don’t get twenty-four hours tomorrow. I am not talking about to achieve some title or some big job rank or big deal. That we all do for earning. Here I am talking to do something just for yourself, which you do for only your happiness. Like if you want to read a book of Shakespeare then probably you should get this book from market and start reading it today. If you want to write something, then you should do it today. If you want to go somewhere then plan today. Nobody is stopping you unless you do yourself. Change the phrase of your life “I want to do” to “I am doing” then “I have done“. It will give you immense happiness and fulfillment. That’s the true meaning of life because you actually live it.

Remember there is only one life to live so live it today. There is very popular phrase in India in Punjabi language “Jag jeondeyan de mele“. This means that this world is a celebration of living people. We all come to world to join this celebration, it’s all up to us to enjoy it or not. Our presence or absence in the world doesn’t interrupt this celebration process. So, focus on the enjoying this celebration. Happy celebrating the life 🙂 🙂 🙂