The universal truth of this world is that every mankind has his dreams.  Some people has stronger dreams, some has weaker. Few people realize that they have dreams and few don’t. Actually our dreams represent the energy level inside us. Energy is the source of every happening. The person with greater energy level has stronger dreams and the person with lesser energy level has weaker dreams. We can say that energy inside us is directly proportional to the strength of our dreams. Every mankind has some energy; hence every mankind has dreams. That’s why I called it as universal truth “Every mankind has dreams “. Isn’t it sounds good to you?

Now having dream is good thing but it’s not enough. Dream is just like a castle in the air and a castle in the air can fall anytime because it doesn’t have anything underneath. So next step comes to put the foundation under your dreams. That is the action to endeavor your dream. First of all, we need to realize our dreams and believe in them. Our dreams always follow us if we support them. Let me explain how this happens.

Dreams have greater intensity in the initial stage. But later on after some time this intensity diminishes for many of us because of number of reasons. One can blame the less opportunities, some blames the social environment and some blames other individuals, parents, spouses, children and so on endless reasons. But believe me there is only one cause behind this, i.e. our attitude in our life. Our attitude measures the altitude of our life. If we keep thinking about the failure of our dreams then probably we are not supporting them, this will lead us far from our dream and some day we will forgot it. But instead if we think about the success of our dreams with deep soul then the liberal laws of this universe begin to happen around you in our favor. Some hidden power starts working for you in your favor. You already know that ‘God help those who help themselves’.

Important thing is that always remember your dreams and support them, they will follow you them self. You can invent your methods to keep your dreams up in your mind. Like you can keep discussing about your dreams with few of your friends who you think have positive attitude in life. Protect your dreams from negative thinking and negative thinkers. Most importantly you believe in your dreams no matter where and in which situation you are but keep supporting them, your dreams will be chasing you. Success always comes after dreams. Happy dreaming, dream big – Dreams make life beautiful. 🙂 🙂 🙂