The Professional – Defining the New Standard of Excellence at Work is a book written by Subroto Bagchi. As the title and the tag line describes, the book is all about good professionalism and professional standard. Very nicely it differentiates between being professional and professionally qualified. The book is divided into seven parts and many chapters. The main seven parts are –

(1) Integrity
(2) Self Awareness
(3) Professional Qualities
(4) Managing Volume
(5) Managing Complexity
(6) New World Imperatives
(7) The Professional’s Profession

Beside becoming true and successful professional, the book also teaches us about being human. Subroto has beautifully described the cross cultural sensitivity in a chapter, how misunderstandings can arise among professionals from different regions. Like people from USA often use the word great during professional talks which simply mean go ahead for them, but for professionals from India it sounds like a very good feedback received from other end when they hear the word great. Similarly, professionals from India keep saying like hmm hmm during conversation, it simply means I am listening keep saying to them, but for USA person this means yes I am agree with you. The book also describes about the good and bad professional qualities.

Subroto Bagchi is the vice chairman and co-founder of Mind Tree Ltd. a global information technology and research & development consulting company. The book is very helpful for all those people who are in initial phase of their career or about to start. This will help them to understand the standard of professionalism. Although anyone who belongs to the corporate world can find it beneficial. The book have 239 pages and uses simple and powerful English. Hardly you need any dictionary while reading. Book will definitely help you in your personal as well as professional life. Happy reading 🙂 🙂 🙂

Here is the link to auther’s website: The Professional: Defining The New Standard Of Excellence At Work